The Government of Tomorrow

Society, that’s us citizens together. And in order to allow every citizen to develop his or her talents as effectively as possible, there is a need for a government that facilitates citizens and does not function as a hindrance.

In the participatory society that is now developing, groups of 150 citizens (‘tribes’) will increasingly be able to organize themselves, just like 12,000 years ago, when we also lived in tribes.

Most zoning plans that we know today are from a bygone era, while a true revolution is now underway, that of the Digital Transformation. In fact, all zoning plans should be released within the next five years, in order to subsequently develop new zoning plans.

Society needs an enterprising government. In Singapore and South Korea, regular personnel exchanges between government officials and business people are standard. Well-performing civil servants can also earn a bonus. Why not?

This lecture is about the government of tomorrow. Bakas describes the economic pillars that can generate new prosperity for the Netherlands. He foresees that companies and the new government will work closely together. New state capitalism, as is already happening in South Korea. Full employment in exchange for an ideal environment for business.

Municipalities, provinces and water boards are merging into 50 city-states or regions. They will be given a large degree of autonomy, as Hamburg already has in Germany.

The government will be fully automated: we will have digital town halls, as the municipality of Molenwaard already has. Better service and cost savings at the same time.

The political landscape will continue to be shaken up and will eventually look nothing like what it is today. The EU implodes and the E.E.C (the former economic alliance of European countries) returns.

The government must formulate a cogent response to the demographic warfare and mass immigration that is now taking place. And it must help the losers of progress in their own country.


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