The Future of Energy

There is plenty of energy for everyone and that energy can be harvested in smarter ways in the near future, leading to an era of permanently cheap energy. Thorium MSR Power stations will soon supply dirt-cheap energy, and tidal energy and energy from seaweed and sea waves are also on the way. Solar energy is becoming cheaper, geothermal energy will contribute to our energy supply, geothermal energy is becoming more important and energy efficiency is also improving. Cheap energy means the end of old revenue models in the energy sector, but also leads to the end of wind energy in its current form.

If we want to make the 21st century a golden age for all of humanity, we must have properly arranged the availability of water, energy and raw materials. While there is a lot of pessimism in these areas, there is no reason to be. Super-smart water management systems will be built, so that the world’s 1 to 2 percent fresh water can be used for 9 billion people without the need for water wars.

In addition, we are getting better at desalting seawater, which could further exponentially increase the amount of fresh water on Earth.

Fossil forms of energy will continue to be part of tomorrow’s energy mix, while some new forms of energy are on the rise. Most waste will soon be reused.

There will also be a biobased economy, in which plant residues provide raw materials for the chemical industry and other sectors. Bakas shows what breakthrough innovations are happening behind today’s headlines.

He talks about smart toilets, self-powered houses, greener coal-fired power stations, coal turned into gas underground, LNG, new mobility, cars and planes of the future, the breakthrough of solar energy, space mining, smart water grids, smart energy grids, deserts that will bloom again and new revenue models in the field of water, energy and raw materials.


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