Education for Tomorrow

After the corona pandemic, education must train children even better for the labor market of tomorrow. This means that full use must be made of digitization to create personalized education, suitable for the tailor-made development of the talent of each child.

At the same time, the human dimension is becoming more important than ever. Only an inspiring teacher can captivate young people and instill passion for his field.

Future-proof education revalues ​​history. After all, history always repeats itself, only the form in which that happens is different. How can schools and teachers prepare for this new era?

Every year we miss 8 billion euros in exports to Germany, because we no longer speak German. Our elite of tomorrow will spend 8 to 10 hours a week learning dead languages ​​like Greek and Latin, while Chinese and Hindi are important languages ​​of the future.

Entrepreneurship will be crucial in the labor market of tomorrow, because classic employer-employee relationships are becoming scarce. Self-marketing becomes important. Every child should feel comfortable with technology, but not everyone has to be ‘a beta’.

There is also a labor market for alphas, just a different one than many people now think. In the ‘diploma democracy’ we have now, too many are highly educated: all chiefs, no Indians.

Crafts return, modernized by technology. New work and appropriate education must be devised for poorly educated men, the current losers of progress.

Exciting times for education. In this lecture Bakas presents inspiring examples, ideas and suggestions for all those who work in education or are involved in it in any other way.


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