About Adjiedj Bakas

I am Adjiedj Bakas. I do future.

But most people don’t want a future.

They want their lives to flow smoothly for the next thirty years.

But that’s not going to happen.

After all, more will change in the next 50 years than has changed in the past 500 years.

I study trends that are going on behind today’s headlines. I write about that. More than 1 million copies of my books have already been sold. Translations appeared in English, Chinese, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish and Romanian. My most recent books are Ago of Chaos’ and ‘Hutspotgod’.

I love to speak at conferences and other events. I am a born stage animal. I share my knowledge with my audience in a light-hearted, yet serious way. Infotainment. My clients find my performances informative, energetic, inspiring, humorous and also somewhat confrontational. Because not all trends are equally good. Yes, we are eating better, more and more deadly diseases are becoming chronic, the diagnosis of diseases is getting faster and better and we are eating better. Hybrid working is nice. We are going to restore and repair more. Throwaway capitalism is thus replaced by a beautiful valuable new materialism. We are going to revalue nature and live more sustainably. Much of what is dear to us remains.

But the differences between democracy and autocracy are fading now that the surveillance society has become a keeper. There will be more social unrest. But the differences between democracy and autocracy are fading now that the surveillance society has become a keeper. But my mother taught me from an early age, “Laugh at the world and the world will smile back.”

I was born in 1963 in sunny Suriname (= former Dutch Guyana). My ancestors came from India. I have lived in the Netherlands for more than 40 years, ‘the country where the sun shines from the inside out’ because the people here are so warm. I live and work in the garden city of Almere Overgooi. Before that I lived in Amsterdam and Utrecht. I am married. My zodiac sign is Scorpio, according to the Chinese zodiac I am Rabbit. I am enthusiastic and passionate. I don’t like arguing but I’m really good at it.

I like to travel, so I’m a bit of a fly-a-holic and have already seen a lot of the world. I am a passionate art collector. A British study shows that looking at art makes you almost as happy as love. That’s why I collect a lot of beautiful things. Being surrounded by all that beauty makes me happy. Our fairytale house from the ‘1002nd night’ therefore resembles ‘a mini Rijksmuseum’, according to business magazine Quote. I love dogs. That is why dogs often figure in my lectures. After all, we humans are just like dogs: we are all looking for a dog bed in which we can withdraw with our tail wagging.

Only the form makes the content something compelling. That’s why I take good care of myself. I like nice clothes and usually perform in Italian suits and shoes, preferably made of ‘nasty animals’. I believe that God created the snake and crocodile to make shoes. I am known for my colorful British ties and socks. It’s great that British humor has also been translated into playful ties and socks.

I have many identities that I have bundled into a portable identity. I am averse to anything ‘woke’ and detest the identity politics that have blown over from America. I love nature, flowers and critters and think that humanity is intelligent enough to adapt to climate change. But I detest the ‘demise porn’ that the high priests of the Climate Church propagate, while the following applies to them: ‘preaching water, drinking wine’.

Performing is my passion and life. Over the past decades, I gave more than 2,000 lectures to a predominantly enthusiastic audience at home and abroad. But of course I can’t make everyone happy.

I am positive and optimistic by nature. The smile is the shortest distance between people and I like to laugh, including at myself. What should a person do without self-mockery? My humor has taken me far. I also laughed myself out of that crisis when I became seriously ill in 2017. I am a spiritual man. The cosmos fascinates me. I would like to take a look on the Moon or Mars. Everyone has setbacks in life. But a kite only rises thanks to a headwind.

Interview Albert Bright in Norway

Zwarte prietpraat
Prem Radhakishun with Adjiedj Bakas
25 April 2022 | NPO Radio 1

The Indo-Carribean Diaspora

Are we willing to live
in a world full of chaos?

What customers say about Adjiedj Bakas

“Adjiedj Bakas gave a wonderful and inspiring speech. Our audience was really delighted!”

Lara Hannappel, Messe Dusseldorf

“Adjiedj brings the people hope and comfort”

Jan Peter Balkenende

"The school directors of Sophia Schools wanted to take a look into the future, and thanks to Adjiedj they have more than succeeded. You come up with the changes in daily practice yourself, but for inspiring views that amaze you, you have to turn to Adjiedj. He puts thinking, throws you in a different direction and evokes amazement with his humor!"
Omar Ramadan, Chairman Executive Board Sophia Schools
“Adjiedj rocks on stage!”

Yuri van Geest

"Adjiedj Bakas performed for us. It was talked about the rest of the day and everyone had a good time. That was exactly the intention!"
Nike Koster, TATA

“The performance of Adjiedj Bakas was even better than what I imagined! The perfect start for a good conference”

Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General of the European Boating Industry

"At our most recent congress, Adjiedj was one of the 50 speakers. The audience considered him one of the three best performers."


“Adjiedj is the most glamorous man who ever graced the stage in Africa”

Abuseye Awojono, Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria

"Adjiedj performed for our members in March 2022. We look back on the evening with a good feeling, the feedback we received was positive, I also saw that it was a bit confronting for some, to see that certainties, no certainties. But that is also good for us as entrepreneurs. We enjoyed it, the variety in the lecture, and also the humor, and just to hear someone who dares to interpret something."

Marcel Dons, Industry association ICC Staphorst