A lecture by freethinker Adjiedj Bakas is an experience. He brings hope and comfort to the people. Anyone who has experienced him at an event will confirm this. The content of his story is optimistic, visionary and popular scientific. Since only the form makes the content compelling, necessary attention has also been paid to the wrapping of the message. Bakas is exuberant, and with his energetic performances and flamboyant neckties he is positivity personified. Internetforum “GeenStijl” calls him “the Bird of Paradise who is often right” and Rabobank CEO Wiebe Draijer says: “he inspires and is very often right”. Adjiedj Bakas not only offers fully customized lectures, but also a number of ready-made lectures.

Ready Made Lectures

Age of Chaos

All great changes are preceded by chaos. Changes and innovations often take place gradually, but once in a while they happen really fast.

These revolutionary periods, such as the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, were preceded by a period of chaos.

In Florence, for example, a third of the population died from the Plague in such a chaotic time, while at the same time the city became a renowned center of innovation. After that the Renaissance began.

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The future of Health

The healthcare sector has changed dramatically during the corona pandemic. Digitization and technology have accelerated, flexibility has increased as a result of dealing with the crisis, but staff turnover has also increased. The industry is more relevant than ever, certainly due to the aging population. But the Central Planning Bureau warns that healthcare will soon become unaffordable. How to deal with all these trends and challenges. This lecture gives stakeholders in healthcare an insight into tomorrow’s healthcare. Because of his and his husband’s illnesses in recent years, Adjiedj has also become an expert by experience, he enlivens his story with anecdotes and personal experiences with healthcare providers.

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Industry lectures

The future of Energy

There is plenty of energy for everyone and that energy can be harvested in smarter ways in the near future, leading to an era of permanently cheap energy.

Thorium MSR Power stations will soon supply dirt-cheap energy, and tidal energy and energy from seaweed and sea waves are also on the way. Solar energy is becoming cheaper, geothermal energy will contribute to our energy supply, geothermal energy is becoming more important and energy efficiency is also improving.

Cheap energy means the end of old revenue models in the energy sector, but also leads to the end of wind energy in its current form.

Digitization 4.0

The Digital Transformation is now really breaking through after the corona pandemic. It is used strategically by companies to make their operational organization more efficient, to improve their value proposition and to put customer satisfaction even more central. Only 27 percent of companies have a cohesive digital strategy. Digital Darwinism, however, is becoming the norm: ‘change or disappear’. The moment has come when all major digital trends have reached their tipping point. Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) have all come of age, they merge and reinforce each other: a nexus of forces. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are now being added to this, technologies that provide even more acceleration. They reinforce each other and form a digital storm that is sweeping business with devastating effect.

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What customers say about Adjiedj Bakas

“Adjiedj Bakas gave a wonderful and inspiring speech. Our audience was really delighted!”

Lara Hannappel, Messe Dusseldorf

“Adjiedj brings the people hope and comfort”

Jan Peter Balkenende

“The school directors of Sophia Schools wanted to take a look into the future, and thanks to Adjiedj they have more than succeeded. You come up with the changes in daily practice yourself, but for inspiring views that amaze you, you have to turn to Adjiedj. He puts thinking, throws you in a different direction and evokes amazement with his humor!”
Omar Ramadan, Chairman Executive Board Sophia Schools
“Adjiedj rocks on stage!”

Yuri van Geest

“Adjiedj Bakas performed for us. It was talked about the rest of the day and everyone had a good time. That was exactly the intention!”
Nike Koster, TATA

“The performance of Adjiedj Bakas was even better than what I imagined! The perfect start for a good conference”

Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General of the European Boating Industry

“At our most recent congress, Adjiedj was one of the 50 speakers. The audience considered him one of the three best performers.”


“Adjiedj is the most glamorous man who ever graced the stage in Africa”

Abuseye Awojono, Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria

“Adjiedj performed for our members in March 2022. We look back on the evening with a good feeling, the feedback we received was positive, I also saw that it was a bit confronting for some, to see that certainties, no certainties. But that is also good for us as entrepreneurs. We enjoyed it, the variety in the lecture, and also the humor, and just to hear someone who dares to interpret something.”

Marcel Dons, Industry association ICC Staphorst

“This man explodes with optimism. And he can speak! He is a master of the art of conversation and has a sharp humor.”
Siggi Weidemann in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
“He is a true citizen of the world, with a curriculum vitae that spans three continents. Adjiedj Bakas puts his rich multicultural inheritance to great use in his professional life.”
Times of India
“The lecture by Adjiedj Bakas was one of the most entertaining presentations I’ve seen. It’d be my pleasure to welcome him back to speak.”
Scott Goodfellow, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
“We greatly appreciated the Adjiedj Bakas’ lecture. It was refreshingly unbiased and put forward in a manner that lay people could understand.”
Faye Zhou, editor CEIBS Business Review
“Adjiedj Bakas gave an interesting and enjoyable speech during our Export Gala in Vienna.”
Thomas Deutsch, Aussenwirtschaft Österreich (AWO)
“I very much appreciated Adjiedj Bakas‘ intervention and his thoughts during our Luxembourg Financial Forum.”
Fernand Grulms, Chief Executive Officer Luxembourg for Finance
“Adjiedj Bakas gave us a lot of inspiration during our Pension Summit. And his book Beyond the Crisis is very popular amongst our staff and clients.”
Fabian Sieverdink, Aegon

“Adjiedj Bakas gave a great lecture for our clients. We had solely positive feedback and I myself was also inspired by him.”

Gijs de Boer, Deutsche Bank

“Adjiedj Bakas inspired our clients with his speech, and his books are extremely popular amongst them. We gladly give them away to clients and prospects.”

Roos Zuidema, Rabobank Oss

“Our recent conference for bankers from forty countries was a great success, due to Adjiedj Bakas. He inspired them all.”

Bas Rekvelt, FMO, Dutch Development Bank

“We truly enjoyed the series of presentations which Adjiedj Bakas gave to our private banking clients.”

Dagmar van der Plas, ING Bank

“Adjiedj Bakas’ recent lecture was very inspiring. He made me envision new marketing and innovation concepts.”

Chris Collet, BMW Group

“Adjiedj Bakas lectured for our HR-managers from sixty countries. His lecture was rated the best they had during that conference, a remarkable success.”

Fernand Grulms, Chief Executive Officer Luxembourg for Finance

“Adjiedj Bakas lectures often for our clients and his books are very popular amongst our staff and our clients. Warmly recommended!”

Erik Swart, Cisco

“I enjoyed his presentation immensely.”

Barrie Jackson, CEO of NEXUS Executive Search

“Adjiedj Bakas gave an energetic contribution to our meeting.”

Jill Wilkinson, Capgemini

“Adjiedj Bakas gave a fabulous lecture for us!”

Albert van den Brink, Shell


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